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Designed Ground-Up with Security In Mind

Empowering Supply Chain Communications with End-to-End Encryption and Customizable Security Features


Experienced Cybersecurity Incidents in 2021


Average Cost of a Cyber Attack in Supply Chain


Experienced a Ransomware Attack in 2020


Have Implemented Preventative Security Measures

commitment to security

Foundationally Built On Security

We keep track of the latest industry standards, including updates to cloud computing and security vulnerabilities

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Our service prioritizes data security and privacy by implementing practices aligned with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Center for Internet Security

We’ve implemented key safeguards from the CIS Controls framework to strengthen our service’s security posture

The tools that matter

Industry-Standard Protection Every Step of the Way

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Tailored Identity and Device Management

Our platform is designed to provide precise control over user identities and device access. Safeguard your company’s data by permitting entry only to authorized individuals and approved devices.

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Message Auditing

We introduce robust security measures, granting you the capability to oversee and archive all interactions. This proactive approach empowers you to vigilantly monitor confidential data exchanged both internally and externally, reducing the likelihood of insider threats.

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Dual-Layer Authentication

Our two-factor authentication (2FA) implementation necessitates users to furnish two forms of verification. This fortifies your defence against cyber threats, raising the barriers for malicious actors attempting to breach your security.

Proactive Security, Built for Trust

Arma ensures industry-standard encryption for data security, with backups and recovery tailored to customer needs. We prioritize risk management, governance, and offer 24/7 incident response for uninterrupted operations. Trust Arma for robust data protection and reliable disaster recovery.

Your Security and Privacy Partner

We’re committed to delivering a secure and private communication platform. We prioritize end-to-end security and uphold rigorous cybersecurity standards. Our culture promotes a security-focused mindset, and we adapt to regional and regulatory requirements to meet your compliance needs.

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