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Arma redefines smart manufacturing by delivering industry’s premier solution for issue management and communication to build next-gen tech enabled manufacturing workspace.

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Why Arma?

Arma Chat - Rapid Deployment, Within Hours Not Weeks

Experience seamless integration and smart manufacturing operation with Arma, going live in just minutes. Our intuitive onboarding and human-centric design ensure immediate operational improvements with minimal learning curve.

Arma Chat - Comprehensive Tracking and Communication Suite for Operations Teams

Cut down feedback loop times and enhance collaborative efforts at shopfloor with transparent information flows. Arma’s rapid issue resolution capabilities lead to significant cost savings and sustainable profits.

Arma Chat - Coordinate Realtime Through Multimodal Communication

Enable seamless team engagement across your manufacturing shopfloor with Arma’s real-time coordination. Identify and address disruptions instantly, ensuring agility and responsiveness in your operational environment.

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Tracker and Issue Resolution

Arma revolutionizes manufacturing issue management by integrating ticketing with active trackers. This feature ensures that every problem is tracked alongside its conversation, creating a rich context for resolution.

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Multimodal Communication

Achieve unparalleled oversight with Arma’s tracking features, which provide real-time updates and manufacturing shopfloor communication options across modalities. Whether on the floor or in the field, your team remains connected and informed.

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Trusted by Best Manufacturers for Proven Resilience & Efficiency

Don’t just take our word for it — Gain insights into our platform’s impact through the voices of our esteemed clientele

Arma made my job a breeze. The dashboards are intuitive, and able to monitor real-time processes production line.

Chloe B.
Head Of Operations at NexusPulse

Arma is a key contributing factor to reduce our internal issues in production process by 47%. It’s super fast!

Aarav G.
Production Manager at Minox

I highly recommend Arma to any organization using pencils and paper or other manual spreadsheet systems. The saving in operational cost and process lead times is worth the investment.

Park S.J.
Assembly Manager at LMExpress

If somebody asked me what’s the best tool for manufacturers to resolve day to day operational issues, I would say Arma without any shadow of doubts.

Kevin S.
VP Of Operations at Top Line

Use Cases

Become Leading Digital Factory with Arma

Arma is the all-in-one tool for manufacturing companies seeking to resolve issues efficiently, enabling faster response times and minimizing downtime.

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Daily Management

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Frequently asked questions

How is my data protected?

Rest assured, your data is absolutely secure. We employ end-to-end encryption with industry-standard protection, ensuring the utmost confidentiality. Our dedicated security team diligently monitors the system, providing an additional layer of safeguard against potential threats.

What kind of support is available?

Experience our commitment to world-class support. All our plans feature priority email and call support, ensuring you receive the white-glove treatment you deserve. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Are you able to accommodate my team?

Arma is crafted to suit teams of any size and structure. Whether your organization is straightforward or intricate, we have the flexibility to accommodate your unique needs seamlessly!

Can I try Arma before purchasing?

Please reach out to Arma Sales Expert for more options. No setup or onboarding fees – it’s a commitment-free opportunity to explore our solution.

Do I need to be technically-aligned?

No technical expertise required! Arma is designed for seamless use, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all. Focus on your operations while we handle the technicalities.

Are there any other costs?

Transparent pricing, no hidden costs! With Arma, what you see is what you get. Our commitment is to provide clarity and simplicity in your pricing, eliminating any unexpected additional charges.

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