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We help solve D2D operational issues within end- end integrated manufacturing teams

Features and benefits

Revolutionize manufacturing with our comprehensive solution

Crafted specifically for operation & production teams. We speak your language, understanding your unique challenges.

Collaborate and Coordinate
Improved Project Execution

When every message and file is in the right place, teams work more cohesively, driving projects forward with greater precision and speed. The result? Projects are completed on time, within budget, and with fewer errors.

Tracker & Issues Management

Accelerated Problem-Solving

This integration reduces resolution times drastically, ensuring that operations continue smoothly with minimal interruption. It’s about connecting the dots between issues and solutions faster than ever before.

Adapt and Monitor

Proactive Operational Adaptability

With real-time data at your fingertips, anticipate and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the manufacturing and landscapes. Make informed decisions that keep your operations resilient and responsive.

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Maximize Operational Potential with Measurable Outcomes

Implement precision-driven processes to cut down mistakes and enhance output quality.

Cultivate a workplace where streamlined operations and clear communication improve job satisfaction.

Daily Management Centric capabilities

Arma Chat -RCA & Auditing

Transparency and Accountability: Ensuring Quality and Precision

Arma’s robust auditing functions serve as the backbone for transparency across your manufacturing operations. They provide a clear trail of communication and actions, crucial for shopfloor quality control and process optimization.

Accurate Root Cause Analysis

With complete visibility, pinpointing the origin of issues becomes straightforward, allowing for swift resolutions and continuous improvement. This level of insight fosters a culture of accountability and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Use Cases

Become Leading Digital Factory with Arma

Arma is the pivotal tool for integrated manufacturing companies seeking to conquer daily operational challenges.

Unleash end to end Manufacturing Excellence

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Shopfloor Collaboration

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Daily Management

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Arma has become an essential tool in our operations. Its monitoring capabilities have given us a level of oversight we never thought possible. We’ve significantly improved our project response times, saving effort and resources along the way.

Oliver Matthew

Production Supervisor


It’s made it so much easier to address disruptions and keep our processes running smoothly. We’ve significantly reduced downtime, ensuring we meet our production targets consistently.

Bruce Geller

Head Of Operations


The ability to have contextual conversations tied directly to specific issues has streamlined our communication like never before. With Arma, we’re able to track and resolve issues faster, keeping our production lines running smoothly and our customers satisfied.

Sam Ambrose

Logistics Specialist

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