Threads: Should South East Asian SMEs Jump on the Bandwagon?

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In a bid to rival Twitter, Meta, the social media giant, has unleashed Threads, a new platform designed to create an open and friendly public space for conversation. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Meta, describes Threads as a blend of the best parts of Instagram, offering a new experience for sharing text, ideas, and engaging in discussions.

With over 10 million users signing up within the first few hours of launch, South East Asian SME owners might be considering whether joining Threads is worth their time and energy. Let’s delve into the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Why South East Asian SMEs Should Join Threads

Get Ahead of the Curve

Joining Threads early presents SMEs with a unique opportunity to secure their preferred username and benefit from the platform’s concentrated efforts to attract and retain users. In its early stages, Threads prioritizes user-generated content, ensuring greater visibility and engagement for those who join sooner rather than later.

Discover New Possibilities

If you’re tired of the same old Reels or uncertain about the reach of your LinkedIn articles, Threads offers an exciting alternative. By joining Threads, you can experiment with new possibilities and tap into untapped potential. Who knows, you might stumble upon fruitful collaborations, secure clients through your first post, or gather a dedicated following that brings recognition and pride. Sign up, dive in, monitor your efforts, and let the outcomes guide your next steps.

Embrace Unexpected Opportunities

Threads has the power to unveil unexpected opportunities for business growth. It may connect you with niche customer segments or rekindle fruitful relationships with long-lost acquaintances. If you’re hungry for new business, willing to invest time without guarantees, and aware that outcomes may vary, don’t hesitate to join Threads. Just remember to commit to the necessary research and activity to ensure your venture becomes a success.

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Why South East Asian SMEs Should Think Twice Before Joining Threads

Avoiding Distractions

Many SMEs fall prey to shiny object syndrome, diverting their attention from core business goals. While success on Threads requires a well-defined strategy and action plan, it’s crucial to consider whether the platform may distract you from your primary objectives. Strive to maintain focus and avoid self-sabotage by investing your energy wisely in essential aspects of your business.

Similarities to Past Platforms

Threads might follow a similar path as previous platforms, like Clubhouse, which experienced initial popularity but later lost momentum. Before jumping on board Threads, consider its long-term prospects and evaluate the return on investment in relation to the required short-term effort. Anticipate the platform’s sustainability and how it aligns with your business objectives.

Allocating Energy Effectively

Engaging with Threads demands significant effort and energy. Beyond the time spent on the platform itself, keeping up with ongoing discussions and developments can be time-consuming. Assess the opportunity cost of investing your resources in Threads, considering its impact on other vital business activities, such as sales calls, team management, and personal well-being. Determine whether there are more productive and efficient ways to utilize your time and energy.


As Threads emerges as a promising addition to the social media landscape, South East Asian SME owners must carefully consider whether joining this new digital realm is the right move. Remember, making the best use of your time and energy in the ever-evolving digital realm requires aligning your choices with your business objectives and available resources.

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