Fabrication Case Study

Improving Team Coordination

Fabrication Case Study

Enhancing Efficiency Through Collaboration & Process Coordination

Discover how a mid-sized metal fabrication company optimized their operations with strategic communication solutions

Company Overview

TechnoFab Industries is a mid-sized manufacturer specializing in custom metal fabrication for industries including automotive, mining, and construction. Based in Ohio, the company employs approximately 700 workers across multiple facilities. Despite its robust manufacturing capabilities and skilled workforce, TechnoFab faced significant challenges related to communication and process coordination, impacting its operational efficiency and delivery timelines.

As requested by our partner, to respect their privacy and competitive edge, we’ve anonymized company details. This case study reflects real-world outcomes based on our industry knowledge and detailed client feedback.


TechnoFab Industries encountered several communication-related issues that led to operational inefficiencies and increased costs.

Arma has made a huge difference for us. The instant messaging and centralized platform have really helped us stay on top of custom orders and inventory. The standardized workflows have smoothed out our processes, making everything run much more smoothly and improving our overall efficiency.

— Production Manager, TechnoFab Industries


To address these challenges, TechnoFab Industries implemented Arma, a comprehensive connected worker platform designed to facilitate real-time communication and coordination across all departments.

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